Brew with Lake Superior water at Earth Rider Brewing

The new Earth Rider Brewery in Superior, WI is now seeking brewers with previous hot-side and cold-side experience to staff two full-time positions starting July 15 and August 1. Job experience in pub or production brewing preferred, with applicants having done both being favored. Passion for and a familiarity with brewing a variety of styles is a plus.

The brewhouse is a new 20-bbl Sprinkman Mfg three-vessel system with some automation. The facility space is adequate for growth, with plans laid for expanding the tank farm beyond the opening phase 2×20-bbl and 2×40-bbl fermentors with a brite tank.

Earth Rider’s founder has spent 23 years in the craft beer industry and fronts the brewery consultancy Bev-Craft, staffed with master brewers, beer marketers, and beer salespeople.

Adding to the flourishing Twin Ports beer scene, Earth Rider will be Superior’s first packaging brewery since 1967 when the regional Northern Brewing Co shuttered. The “Cedar Lounge” tavern was first built as a tied house in 1912 by that brewery and will serve as Earth Rider’s taproom. The location is in the pub district along Superior’s working harbor, next to monolithic grain elevators, operating trains, and Great Lakes freighters.

Earth Rider Beer brewer responsibilities include:

  • Scheduling brewing activities to match sales demand
  • Milling; lifting 50lb grain bags
  • CIP of brewhouse and cellar tanks
  • Wort production
  • Yeast management
  • Tank management
  • Transferring and centrifuging
  • Cans and kegs packaging
  • Inventory/brewery management software
  • Mild lab work/QC
  • Safety protocols
  • Forklift operation
  • Driving box truck, no CDL required
  • Taproom draft line maintenance
  • Attending Beer Festivals when possibleBev-Craft
  • Work with the Director of Brewing Operations on processes, procedures, and productionscheduling
  • Occasional consulting with other Bev-Craft networked brewery clients
  • Occasionally conduct outreach programs for educating brewers
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